New 'Make an Offer' Feature

Posted: Thursday, 24 September 2020 @ 13:33

Business is changing, reflecting the new way we are living and working. Our high street retail and airline customers have suffered badly as a result of this pandemic and our thoughts and sympathies go out to the many whose lives and careers have been adversely affected by Coronavirus.

As with many companies these changes have left us with not enough of some stock items to cope with demand, like our Covid-19 Response Labels and too much of other items such as seals mainly used by our retail, airline and ancillary industry customers. As a result we have some stock that we have put on our Special Offers list.

Our old special offers used to be listed at a fixed price but now we have introduced an exciting new feature - our Make an Offer button.

Hit that and it brings up an email addressed to our Sales Team providing the opportunity to tell us what you want to pay for our sale product/s and if you would like to vary the minimum quantity or other of the terms of our offer. On receipt, we can either accept your offer or make you a counter offer, so it provides a chance to make one off deal that saves you money and helps us to get some of our stuck stock items moving once again. We can also introduce a beneficial sealing product that will assist with your business security, efficiency and control.

Why not visit our Special Offers pages and pick-up a bargain today? 

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